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Ursula has two decades of extensive and rich experience within the travel business. After graduating with a degree in Economics from the University of Ljubljana she continued her studies in the Netherlands, specializing in tourism and hospitality before going on to work at the University of Bogota in Colombia. For the past 15 years Ursula was part of the TrekTrek team. As a partner Ursula had the significant responsibilities of being in charge of operations, new projects development, marketing and guide`s training. Ursula worked closely on product development, hand-in-hand with the world`s most renowned adventure travel companies, such as National Geographic Expeditions, Mountain Travel Sobek, Country Walkers, Boundless Journeys, to name just a few.

  • Two decades of rich experience within the travel business.

  • Worked closely with the world`s most renowned adventure travel companies.

  • Local knowledge, abundant connections and years of experience.

In all those years, Ursula has also continued to work in the field as a guide and whilst getting feedback directly from guests, she discovered just how important it is to adjust each travel experience to the needs of an individual person or a group. She goes above and beyond to cater to her guests’ needs and expectations; to choose appropriate activities in the best places each region has to offer and properly adjusts the pace according to group’s dynamics.  Ursula aims to immerse the groups into the local culture with substantial emphasis on delicious food and extraordinary wine! With her abundant energy and expertise as well as focus on details Ursula aims to create the trip of a lifetime for her clients.

  • Adjusting each travel experience to the needs of an individual person or a group.

  • Substantial emphasis on delicious food and extraordinary wine.

  • Best possible routes, luxury accommodation, superb restaurants and secret places.


Our travel experts are the heart of Wanderlux Journeys.

Danijel Kovačić

Co – Founder, CEO

Danijel is a man of logic, optimization and bikes. He completed his PhD in Economics with research work on optimization of logistics processes. But still, Danijel`s favourite office is outdoors riding bikes.

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Mitja Kamplet

Product manager

Mitja’s interests and achievements cover all terrain: mountains, seas and rivers. With a degree in civil engineering and project management he fits perfectly to our team. He has been guiding our hiking tours in Slovenia and beyond for years.

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Riana Petanjek

Croatia specialist

Riana is a real adventurer, world traveller, journalist, travel writer and photographer. Riana has over 15 years of experience guiding worldwide. At the moment she is revealing the wonders of Croatia as a host of the TV Show  ‘Cool Tourist’.

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Grega Stopar

Media & Communication

Grega`s passions are photography and outdoors. He started as a writer and later editor but nowadays Grega specializes in team & athlete management, sport event organization and communications.

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Blaž Harej

Bike specialist

For years Blaž had his successful career as a coach and sales trainer in a global pharma company. One day he left his position for something he loves, riding bikes. With the UCI MTB Instructor grade license in his pocket he can combine both, bike riding and coaching.

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Marko Šajn

Bike specialist

Marko is a graphic designer by profession and painter by passion. His other passion is bikes. He is an exceptional guide with a great understanding for people.

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No request is too big or too small for our team. If it matters to you, it matters to us. Let us make your escape perfect.

When you have been on a trip with Ursula, her spirit, kindness, love of nature and adventure remain with you for a lifetime. Our trip through Croatia was one we will never forget – literally its more than 10 years since we toured with Ursula and we still talk to our friends about the trip.

Monica F., USA

Our time in Slovenia was the highlight of our European trip, with personalised guidance from Wanderlux. Our travel guide, Ursula, was absolutely delightful, and it was easy to make travel decisions with her local knowledge and advice. We felt in very good hands, and strongly recommend Wanderlux’ services.

Lyndall F., Australia

We were a part of the whole experience, not just followers. A good leader has sensitivity to the wishes, wants and needs of a group.  Because of Ursula’s experience, commitment and human connections, we had experiences we would have ever had on our own or with another company – we had great adventures and exposures to earth, land and sea.

Mike K., USA

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