Danijel is a man of logic, optimization and bikes. He completed his PhD in Economics with research work on optimization of the logistics processes. His professional career led him through various top executive management positions in IT industry, from managing governmental projects all the way to FinTech. However, his passion for being outdoors always prevailed. With years of experience in creating, planning, and organizing he is a perfect match in our office, since with him everything runs like a Swiss watch. He gets thrilled when working on big bike project and works with giants such as Shimano.

Above all else Danijel`s favourite office is outdoors. Riding his bike, exploring new trails or guiding a group of passionate cyclists through some of the most beautiful and secret places. He always takes (one of) his bikes around the globe. He has breathed thin Himalayan air while riding the Annapurna circuit, seen Alaskan northern lights, summited Mt Fuji by bike in Japan, rode in the Namibian desert and under the hot Australian sun… But he always loves to come home to enjoy great food something that he also loves to prepare for others.