For years Blaž had his successful career as a coach and sales trainer in a global pharmaceutical company.  After tiring the daily grind, he left his position for something he loves, riding bikes. Does he regret it? Since then, he has been a freelancer, from dog- and baby-sitting to powder hunting and catching the breeze in his windsurf sail. But what Blaz loves the most is to spend days bike riding.

With the UCI MTB Instructor grade license in his pocket he can combine both, something that he loves, bike riding, with something that he likes, coaching. He would like to hear your screams of joy while riding our trails, teach you how to lean into that berm and see how you improve day by day and become more self-confident riding over those roots and rocks. He aims to keep you smiling through each and every day, after all, this is all what is life about, right?