Riana is a real adventurer, world traveller, journalist, travel writer and photographer. She was born in Slovenia, raised in Croatia and got her degree as a Journalist in Croatia. For a curious and artistic soul as herself this was not enough so she got another degree at the Faculty of Design in Slovenia and recently finished movie production studies in San Francisco. Riana has over 15 years of experience guiding worldwide, with the Philippines being one of her favourite places. Perhaps no wonder, when you consider her family comes from the sunny Dalmatian Coast where she also works as a kayak instructor and can show you the hidden bays and coves.

She is a passionate motor biker and cruised Route 66 solo on a Harley Davidson. You can read more about her adventures and travels in her travel book “Salty bananas”.  At the moment she is revealing the wonders of Croatia on a weekly basis as a host on the TV Show  ‘Cool Tourist’. Knowing Croatia as if it were the back of her hand she will be your perfect companion. Cool fact about Riana. For all Game of Thrones fans! When GOT was filmed in Dubrovnik, Riana was part of the crew.