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Slovenia’s Secret Winter Playground

We are thrilled to share some exciting news that underscores our commitment to excellence in the travel industry. Forbes, a leading authority in business and travel, recently showcased one of our exclusive destinations, the enchanting Alps of Slovenia, in a feature article “A Secret Winter Playground: The Alps of Northern Slovenia”.

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Jezersko, Slovenia, Photo credits: Primož Šenk

Slovenian Winter Wonderland Unveiled by Forbes

Forbes, a trusted name in travel, and Ann Abel, the award-winning travel writer and editor for 20 years, have both highlighted our secret winter playground, showcasing our passion for uncovering hidden gems 💎

Ann Abel delves into the charm and allure of our pristine winter wonderland. The picturesque landscapes, the thrill of winter sports, and the cozy hospitality of the region are all highlighted. The article captures Alps’ scenic beauty and unveils immersive cultural experiences curated for our clients.



Ski ❄️, Nature, and Culinary Delights 🍽️: Ann Abel’s Perspective

If you simply want to ski, enjoy nature, and eat well, you go to Slovenia.”

“And in any case, the country is positioning itself as the Costa Rica of Europe (my phrase, not theirs), a place where sustainability is meaningful, real and the guiding force for every decision that follows.”

“I found both thanks to Ursula Kordiš, who cofounded her company, Wanderlux Journeys, eight years ago with a determination to show that tiny Slovenia, with its population of 2 million, isn’t just a cheaper alternative to the Dolomites or some also-ran in the shadow of Croatia, but a compelling destination in its own right.”

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Create Unforgettable Winter Memories in Slovenian Alps

As winter approaches, we invite you to explore the Alps of Slovenia and many other exclusive destinations with us. Winter, from December to March, charms with unique allure. Come and explore the Alps, with a wide range of winter activities and luxury accommodations off the beaten path.

The Forbes feature reinforces our commitment to providing extraordinary travel experiences for you to confidently share with your clients. Plus, we offer personalized trips directly to individual clients, ensuring each journey is as unique as they are.


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