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We love Slovenia and we are going to show you every single corner of it. The biggest advantage of Slovenia is its diversity. Due to its pocket size and perfect location, squeezed between the Alps and the Adriatic (Mediterranean) sea, it is just amazing how many different landscapes you can experience within less than an hour drive. Thanks to the unspoiled nature Slovenians love to spend their time outdoors and be active. There are endless hiking options in the Alps and through lush forest, and quiet roads that are perfect for road cycling whereas gentle single tracks attract the more adventurous mountain bikers. Refreshing rapids and an abundance or water sources in Slovenia are just perfect for all kinds of water activities. Paragliding above spectacular woodland and mountain landscapes is popular too. Slovenians also know what is good to eat: homemade and home-produced organic food. There is no other place where you can get such a great combination and mix of flavors; Slovenian hearty dishes are influenced by Mediterranean, Austrian, Hungarian and Balkan cuisine. No wonder Slovenia is the new European gastronomic region for 2021 also thanks to the World`s best chef Ana Ros who has put Slovenia on gastronomic map of the World.

Ljubljana – Start in Ljubljana, the super charming and hip green capital. Its vibrant food market, tiny squares that fill with music vibes in the summer months, riverside cafes, designers’ shops, arts & craft markets and beautiful architecture will make you fall in love in Ljubljana. All main sights are within walking distance or can be easily explored on bike. Ljubljana is laid-back, yet lively, that it is no wonder it was chosen as one of the best cities to live and raise children in the world. And one of the safest cities in Europe too!

Photos: Wanderlux Journeys, (Ciril Jazbec, Jost Gantar, Tomo Jesenicnik)






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