Project Description


Walking and traversing new territories by foot is one of the most primitive and natural ways of exploring new places. People have done it for thousands of years as their curiosity and desire to see more had lead them further and further. Not much has changed. Just as people were searching for new food in prehistoric times we are now open to experiencing new flavors and senses in a new country.  Walking is written in our DNA and it is simply the most natural way of exploration and seeing the world.  You are able to feel, smell and breath in the new landscapes. When walking we aim to be open to seize unexpected opportunities, to meet and greet the locals, smell flowers and connect more authentically with the world. With every step we connect with nature, discover new place and learn something new.

We arrange hikes for different level of fitness, whatever you desire: from easy strolls along the coastline or walks in the vineyards to challenging hikes, multi days hut- to- hut hikes or hard core climbs to Mt. Triglav with an IFMGA certified mountain guide.