Project Description


Foodies will be amazed on every Wanderlux tour as culinary traditions play such an important role in our region. It is all about seasonal products prepared with passion and where farm-to-table recipes are passed down through generations. The best way to immerse yourself into a new country is through local foods and strolling through the farmers markets that make each region unique. Our whole area has thousands of years of tradition in olive oil and wine production. The best way to experience this delicious part of Europe is through  exclusive wine, cheese and olive oil tastings.

We have great relations with the best local winemakers so rest assured you will taste the best vintages. More of “Nonna`s” secrets will be revealed to you through cooking classes, personalized visits to local farms or through truffle hunting on the Istrian peninsula. Culinary focused activities are often combined with walking or cycling and blend into perfect journey that nurtures both body and spirit.