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Bosnia and Hercegovina is another well-kept secret of Europe. Maybe not so secret if you remember Olympic games in 1984 took place in Sarajevo. Once visiting Croatia, especially Dalmatia and its historic towns of Dubrovnik and Split, Sarajevo is just a stone’s throw away but it might feel miles away. Sarajevo was first established during the Ottoman times so you will spot numerous mosques and distinctive Ottoman architecture. You should drink pitch black “Turkish coffee” in few hundred years old cafe houses and try tasty and hearty Bosnian specialties influenced by Turkish cuisine. Only within few blocks away from Bascarsija, historic Ottoman part, you will find large Catholic churches and Ortodox cathedrals and you will understand why Sarajevo earned the nickname “the Jerusalem of Europe”.

Another place worth visiting is Balkan`s most celebrated bridge in Mostar. Majestic stone arc that is connecting medieval towers on both sides of the river bank. Sadly damaged during the last Balkan war, it is now beautifully restored and attracts visitors from all around the world.

  • Sarajevo
  • Mostar